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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I have seen many videos that make Ubuntu faster, but these methods only make desktop performance faster. I am looking to make my computer boot faster. Is their anything I can do to make Ubuntu boot significantly faster?

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Generally, the less programs you have loading on bootup, the faster your system should be. Finally, using a solid state drive SSD as your boot device should significantly improve bootime.

Oh one more thing, your filesystem type makes a difference as well. I just ran across this the other day. Its "e4rat" Instructions Here. I have the boot-charts to prove it. Its crazy! That will make any OS boot a lot faster. Hybrid drives are not that much more expensive. More about this can be read from official project page.

1. Removing unneeded packages

However, you might want to see which other services needs the service in question. To check use the following command. Note: Replace some-time-eater-service. The service can be started after boot when requirement arises.

If you want to completely disable it, read the next section. Like this. You must unmask to start it with systemd you can still start with service. But disable simply disable auto-start of a service, you can start it later. For example, After masking my postgresql 9. The releases contain a. You need GTK Once you download and install, you can start it with systemd-manager command. Start it. The application has two main view.

One is Systemd Units and other one is Systemd Analyze. You can switch it with the label in top-left corner. See the screenshot. And There are three types of units you can manage.

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Servcies , Sockets and Timers. You can switch between them. The three main tabs are Files , Journal , Dependencies. There are two columns beside the name of units to indicate the Status.

Left one indicates whether that unit is enabled to start at boot and the right one indicates whether that unit is currently running. See them in picture. To toogle enabled-at-boot or running status, there are two toogle buttons at the top-right corner.

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Enabled means the units will start and boot. Hope this will help. I get benefited from other answers about systemd, but really needed to gather the information in one Place. Other answers have different suggestions. If you can afford, those will definitely help, particularly the SSD suggestion. I have been trying this for a pretty long time now, without much succes.

Anyway, these steps made a few seconds difference:. Then save the file.

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Install bum , and start it with root privileges. And if you never use bluetooth, you can disable bluetooth as well.

After completing these steps, reboot twice.

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  • FOr some reason the first reboot after changing all these options takes much longer than the other ones, but you should notice some difference during the second reboot. Use bootchart to produce detailed graphs of what takes time during boot. It might help in deciding what to tweak or remove.

    2. Using both cores/CPU's during the boot process

    For anybody else struggling with this, just install BUM and start it s a root user be careful to use gksudo instead of normal sudo. Garbagecollector is right. Proceed with caution. But some of the programs you can safely disable are email popping utilities such as Evolution, especially if you are not using Evolution at first. Also, anything related to printing can be disabled if you do not print at all.

    Same for Wireless if you are wired. You probably know that one. First adding word "profile", then rebooting, then removing "profile" then rebooting again Edit I have to say 32 seconds is actually good enough.

    My new Lenovo T takes the same amount of time to boot in legacy mode. It still feels like it is wasting 5 seconds during post, but it is absolutely not wasting time starting the actual operating system. Regarding boot profiling and shell concurrency.

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  • Those information can be seen as dated or eventually myth. The shell concurrency setting was said to break things, but with Systemd and Upstart it should be superfluous too, and should have no positive effect. Thank you for your interest in this question.

    Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? Ubuntu Community Ask! Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How do I improve boot speed? Ask Question. Zanna Systems using systemd since ByteCommander A step by step answer will do the job.

    This is from ! It boots crazy fast. Its "e4rat" Instructions Here This little app is amazing.

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  • Ringtail Ringtail This really helps!!! Is it still legit for I heard it would cause problems with ureadahead. Is this true? But e4rat for some reason seems to be better than ureadahead. Disk speed is the current boot-bottleneck. On thing I do see, however, is that mounting disks and shares is done in a synchronous fashion, despite 1. What is systemd? Check which services takes most time Use the following command to check which service takes most of time systemd-analyze blame Disabling auto-start of services during boot If you want to disable auto-starting of services during boot you can use the following command sudo systemctl disable some-time-eater-service.

    To check use the following command systemctl list-dependencies some-time-eater-service. If you want to completely disable it, read the next section Disabling services completely. Status Indicators There are two columns beside the name of units to indicate the Status. Control Switches To toogle enabled-at-boot or running status, there are two toogle buttons at the top-right corner.

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    The complete view of the application is shown below Hope this will help. Anwar Anwar Anyway, these steps made a few seconds difference: 1.

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    Removing unneeded packages apt-get purge brltty brltty-x11 foo2zjs min12xxw ttf-indic-fonts-core ttf-kacst-one ttf-khmeros-core ttf-lao ttf-punjabi-fonts ttf-unfonts-core 2.